Wingnut Rides

Wingnut's 2019 Fall Back Saddle Up Ride will be utilizing our custom made bicycle racks, placed at our host sites along the newly minted Empire State Trail in the Hudson Valley. This is a local B2B network collaboration of bike friendly locations established in 2017 between local craft breweries and farm to table eateries.

The objective is not only to bring cyclists out for an end of season scavenger hunt across the Hudson valley by bicycle, but to also demonstrate economic impact cycling can have on our region, and support local craft eateries and create a healthy lifestyle event.

This is a self organizing flash mob ride with group registratioins and prizes, it is a cross county scavenger hunt that crosses the Hudson river via the Walkway over the Hudson and goes on for three days. Prizes can be redeemed on a daily basis by visiting studio wingnut centrally located in the Hamlet of Highland.

Prizes are being awarded to participants in four different catagories, individual, families, group and an industry competition for bragging rights for healthiest, most active regional Not for profit and or chamber of commerce. Additionally, Host sites will also be winning a prize based on participants voting for their favorite beer as well as most visited location.