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What is a Flash Ride?

A FLASH RIDE is similar in concept to a flash mob. individuals, groups etc are self organizing within their region of the ride course. The course utilizes our expanding empire state rail trail network and includes both Dutchess and Ulster county. Occurring annually as an end of season celebration during daylight savings, all riders should have proper night time lights and reflective equipment and be certain not to get caught on the wrong side of the hudson river as the Walkway Over The Hudson will be closing at dusk.

Scavenger Hunt Info

"SCAVENGER HUNTS" are inspired by geo-cacheing and adventure racing formats where participants go from site to site completing tasks and collecting tokens. At a given time tokens can be redeemed during Studio Wingnut "Open House Events" for prizes. Similar to redeeming tickets at an arcade. good fun for families with children, a way to get out together as a family and ride from site to site. Tokens and events can be collected over a season or during special weekends.


NEW PACKS FOR 2017! We now have available Limited Edition versions of our 2.5 and 3.0 packs, with new features such as reflective striping, larger gusseted Deluxe Sidewing pockets, and reinforced shoulder strap anchor points. Limited Quantities only so ORDER NOW BELOW!


The Wrecking crew is a branch of performance athletes, adventure travelers, and outdoor professional guides that work with Wingnut to develop solutions to meet their unique environments and needs. The wrecking crew and the feedback we get from these athlete professionals is the back bone of WINGNUT and how we design solutions. It's not just behind a ruler and thread and needle, we operate in the field to meet specific field needs. In fact the name WINGNUT was inspired by the very nature of the spirit that we share with these enthusiasts.

The Wingnut Blazer

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The Wingnut Blazer
Welcome to the Wingnut Blog!

Welcome to the Wingnut Blog! We are going to be posting new products and other news here soon...winterizing the truck and trailer kit this week. keep thinking of hitting the road for north dakota...